Centrix DTS™ - Regulation E Dispute Tracking System

Dispute Case Management

Case Management

The Centrix Dispute Tracking System (CentrixDTS™) greatly simplifies the administration of disputed electronic transactions (debit card, ATM, ACH, and remittance transfers) for the purpose of Reg E compliance.* The system is a full-featured case management solution designed to provide operational efficiency, enhanced record keeping, and compliance controls. Key features include a paperless, browser-based user experience for employees who take disputes, automated posting of adjustment transactions, timeline management, approval workflow, letter production, and comprehensive reporting. The flexible architecture of CentrixDTS™ enables the system to be leveraged for all transaction disputes, beyond Reg E.

*The rules set forth by the Federal Reserve outlining procedures for electronic funds transfers, including rules pertaining to consumer liability for unauthorized card usage.

Front Line Efficiency

  • Integrated Customer & Transaction Data
  • Online Dispute Forms
  • Automated Questionnaire
  • Signature Pad Integration
  • Workflow to Back Office
  • Research (Lookup) Existing Disputes

Back Office Administration

  • Full Case Management
  • Timeline Management
  • Attach Supporting Documents
  • Automatic Transaction Posting
  • Automatic Letter Production
  • Reporting

Simplifying Compliance

  • Compliance Reporting
  • Automated Processing to Ensure Compliance
  • Full Audit of All Activity
  • System of Record for All Disputes

Automated Fraud Monitoring and Breach Analysis

For many financial institutions, understanding the cost of a data breach is often guesswork. The CentrixDTS™ Fraud Alert module makes the process more accurate and much simpler. Compromised card files from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are processed into the CentrixDTS™ Fraud Alert module, which then provides an easy-to-understand automated fraud analysis report for each breach.

Extensive reporting is available to summarize how the institution has been impacted by a specific breach, including potential loss, actual loss, number of disputes, and number of cards involved in the breach.

Management Oversight

  • Dispute History Alerts
  • Management Alerts for High Volume
  • Fraud Analysis by Breach