Customer Testimonials

Thank you for your prompt efforts in accommodating the ExactTMS custom file for our newest customer. Their installation and rollout was a success today. It is so refreshing to be able to count on your team to get things like this turned around for us. As a data center that processes for close to 60 banks, this, in addition to your product suite, is what we brag to them about. Thanks again for your responsiveness – we appreciate you!
Director of Strategic Accounts, a core data center processor
OMG - I am doing my annual review/report of ACH Originators that needs to be submitted to the Board by tomorrow (yes, I am a procrastinator) and Centrix PIQS is really saving me time!!
ACH Manager, $523 Million Financial Institution
ExactTMS provides our bank with the tools and solutions needed to protect our customers from Check and ACH fraud. The flexibility of ExactTMS to meet the needs of all sizes of businesses, along with the service level of Centrix, has made it a successful product for our organization.
VP eBanking Services Manager, $1.9 Billion Financial Institution
We have just gone through an internal audit for Reg E Disputes which was the quickest (YES!) and most painless that I have ever experienced. It was so nice to be able to print dispute history from your CentrixDTS software and hand that over for them to verify that all the timelines had been met and letters sent etc. Really nice.
VP - Electronic Banking, $13 Billion Financial Institution
Thanks again for all your help the other day! I wish all of our vendors were so responsive and easy to deal with.
Senior Server Administrator, Network Services, $1.6 Billion Financial Institution
Centrix is one of the most responsive and customer oriented vendors our bank works with. We use their Exact/TMS product for positive pay because it is functionally rich, well received by our commercial customers, and easy to support. You truly are one of the best 'vendors' to work with that I have ever dealt with. I appreciate how you are always willing to do way more than you have to.
Vice President, Treasury Services, $10.5 Billion Financial Institution
Our holding company has always believed in “Best-of-Breed” ancillary applications and the Centrix Positive Pay application is certainly “Best-of-Breed”. We searched for two years attempting to find a replacement for our previous less than “customer centric” positive pay application. We looked at numerous other providers and always came back to Centrix. My Positive Pay administrator “loves” the simplicity and the superb Centrix support. My customers are equally enamored with the ease of use. A real winner. We would choose Centrix again if we had it to do over.
Vice President, $1.8 Billion Financial Institution
Thank you and everyone over there for all your help! I truly appreciate the wonderful service I get whenever I call or email. Thanks so much!
Electronic Banking Department, $1.7 Billion Financial Institution
I’m very impressed with your company’s customer service commitment. I deal with a lot of vendors and wish half of them were as good as you guys.
$7.2 Billion Financial Institution
Hey, just wanted to take the opportunity to really compliment you and Centrix. It has been really good working with you all – out of all the vendors we’ve dealt with, you guys are always accommodating and have a great understanding of how we prefer to do business. Thanks so much for that. Here’s to a great year together!
Cash Management Specialist, $900 Million Financial Institution
I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for always being available and always addressing and resolving issues in a very timely manner. When you work with other vendors that can’t or don’t provide even mediocre support, it really makes you appreciate that ones that go above and beyond to provide excellent support.
Senior Product Specialist, $509 Million Financial Institution
We love the program and we love the responses we get to our requests. Of all the vendors I have worked with, Centrix is probably been the easiest to work with.
Product Manager, $2.4 Billion Financial Institution
It is so valuable to find a partner that provides great products and great service. Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference.
SVP Treasury Management, $8.5 Billion Financial Institution
Thank you for all your help and quick response. We deal with a lot of vendors and Centrix is by far the very best to work with and most responsive. Thank you!!
Cash Management Specialist, $7.4 Billion Financial Institution